Transborder Cafe: Football from Inside and Out

At this Transborder Cafe we will touch on those parts of the football world, that perhaps, we try to avoid:

the supporter phenomenon in football. How far is it from genius and creativity to the dangerous and the border of racism and fascism? From the beauty that is a part of positive mass suggestion, to its easy misuse by demagogues and groups with political agendas. Is racism, radicalism, street fights and war a consequence of a systematic lack of control? And who is responsible for stopping unwanted behaviour in such groups?

bribery and corruption as a local and global problem in today’s football scene. How can a betting company in Asia determine the outcome of a local-level match in Finnmark? What remains after the endless discussions about the legitimacy of the World Cup in Russia and Qatar? Is football the oligarch’s toy?

A lot of Dana Karelia supporters have been observed in the city, along with rumours that they are planning to visit Thursday’s Transborder Café. We hope they come with enthusiastic singing and not only a hooligan streak. We encourage everyone to keep calm, have fun and avoid the shame of being booked with a red card. Let’s get carried away, experience belonging and get a taste of the us-against-them problematic.

Transborder Café guests:

Tim Walters
College Professor in the Department of English at Okanagan College in British Columbia, Canada. Writes about Slavoj Žižek, film, football, radical politics, and late-capitalism from a Marxist perspective. Author of a forthcoming book-length study of the ideological function and revolutionary potential of the commanding heights of modern football—the British Premier League, UEFA Champion’s League, and FIFA World Cup—from a Žižekian perspective.

Rune Myhre
Researcher completing a Masters Degree focusing on football, politics and society – with particular relevance to football in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Tor Sando  
Ardent Liverpool FC supporter with many years experience as a local journalist.

Helle Siljeholm
Choreographer, dancer and visual artist. Helle was a VIP-hostess for Arsenal Football Club, Arsenal stadium Highbury, 2000-2006.


Arne O Holm
Veteran journalist and Editor in Chief of High North News.

Thursday 22/02/18

18:00 - 20:00
150 NOK

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