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  • Opening of the Festival Exhibition:
    Voldemārs Johansons – Undercurrents

    Premiere of the cinematic installation UNDERCURRENTS: an audiovisual environment inspired by the Arctic landscape unfolding in an ice space echoing the High Arctic.

  • Opening of the Festival Exhibition:
    Knut Åsdam – Murmansk/Kirkenes

    Knut Åsdam’s new film Murmansk/Kirkenes is an experimental, medium length fiction shot on location in the border region between Norway and Russia – a region receiving increasing attention due to ice melting and rich oil and fish resources. Simultaneously, this is an area of great political tension where NATO meets Russia and whose history is closely linked to Europe’s destiny.

  • Barents Market

    Russian and Sami market sellers with Sami duodji and Russian craftworks, crystal, ceramics, fur hats, shawls, mittens and socks!

  • Opening Show // Rock + Football = Spektakel

    Rock + Football = Spektakel In our (still) liberal and more or less secular part of the world, there are not that many arenas for mass worship left. One is the football match, another is the rock concert. The Barents Spektakel 2018 Opening Show fuses these two expressions of fandom, collective energy, group identity, and…
  • Kirkenes Conference 2018

    Programme arr: Kirkenes Næringshage, Sør-Varanger kommune, Utenriksdepartementet, Barentssekretariatet Wednesday 21/02/18 08:30 - 18:00 Thon Hotel
  • KrasnoBAR – Night Shift

    For football fans, it is often not the stadium but the bar that becomes the focal point for communication – a place to gather and drink, debate, sing and dance. Festival guests are invited to have hot debates in the sunny surroundings of KrasnoBAR – a space created by the art group ZIP from the city of Krasnodar in Russia’s’ south. The emblem for the bar, the REINBULL, is a symbolic hybridization of northern reindeer of Kirkenes and southern bull of Krasnodar.


    A fluid border installation in Kirkenes and the area
    by, with and about former border inspector Frode Berg,
    who since December 5 last year has been an inmate of Lefortovo prison,
    Moscow, accused of espionage. Based on the installation “Borderlines”
    (Barents Spektakel 2011/ Morten Traavik).
    Look out for Frode’s Border on key locations around town! 

  • Opening Concert // A Score for Brass and Ball

    Choreographer and former 5th division player Sigurd Johan Heide brings players from Sør-Varanger and Murmansk for a sincere play with formations from both the world of football and traditional dance of the north.