KrasnoBAR – Night Shift

For football fans, it is often not the stadium but the bar that becomes the focal point for communication – a place to gather and drink, debate, sing and dance. Festival guests are invited to have hot debates in the sunny surroundings of KrasnoBAR – a space created by the art group ZIP from the city of Krasnodar in the Russian south. The emblem for the bar, the REINBULL, is a symbolic hybridization of northern reindeer of Kirkenes and southern bull of Krasnodar.

If you are still full of fire at the end of the festival day, come along and choose your suitable fan-zone, play foosball on a table big enough for 16 or dance along to one of the concerts on the stage “springboard of a red card” built by art group ZIP.

If spectating is more your vibe, then choose a mood bracelet to signal your feelings to others, place a bet on a friend in the tote or hide from raucous fans in the secret lounge “Golden Gates” by artist Daria Orlova (Murmansk). “Golden Gates” is a lounge devoted to women of football and the mother of Norwegian football, Ellen Wille, who in 1986 was the first to accuse FIFA of ignoring female football because they hosted no female championships.

Experimental theatre by art group eredovoe udozhestvo will activate the bar with a series of performances, concerts, competitions from a utopian memory of the last century as well as doping tests for performance enhancing substances. It would seem that these substances are prohibited in sports, whereas with artists, it is perceived to be prescribed from above. In reality, professional sportsmen take more and more elusive stimulants for new victories on the field, while at the same time occupying magazine covers and wielding political power off the field – meanwhile, sober artists are being exhausted from self-exploitation.

Wednesday 21/02/18 Thursday 22/02/18 Friday 23/02/18 Saturday 24/02/18


Opening Concert:
eredovoe udozhestvo

Nights guest: Thea & the Wild
super catchy pop with punk attitude and
percussive focus with Thea’s unique voice and lyrics that go straight to the heart.

Night guest:
local happy-rockers Nikelbekk

Closing Concert:
eredovoe udozhestvo

ZIP group: Stepan Subbotin, Vasily Subbotin, Evgeny Rimkevich (Krasnodar)
Daria Orlova (Murmansk)
Eredovoe Udozhestvo: Roman Osminkin, Anastasia Vepreva, Anton Komandirov, Marina Shamova (Saint Petersburg)

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