Opening of the Festival Exhibition:
Knut Åsdam – Murmansk/Kirkenes

Knut Åsdam’s new film Murmansk/Kirkenes is an experimental, medium length fiction shot on location in the border region between Norway and Russia – a region receiving increasing attention due to ice melting and rich oil and fish resources. Simultaneously, this is an area of great political tension where NATO meets Russia and whose history is closely linked to Europe’s destiny.

The film is split into three parts. In the first section, we meet two female border guards patrolling the border landscape whilst they search for something unusual and disturbing. Then we follow a character-driven story that takes place between the roadhouse café of Titovka and the arctic city of Murmansk – everyday life of two women and their relation to their job, place and each other. In the final section, the film comes full circle, returning to the border landscape from where it began.

V: Alisa Dmitrieva
Z: Vladislava Milovskaya
Y: Jenny Ellegård
X: Anna Berentina
B: Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass

Director – Knut Åsdam
Director of Photography – Fiona Braillon
Editor – Mathias Theissen
Writer – Knut Åsdam
Produced by – Knut Åsdam Studio
First Assistant Camera – Even Grimsgaard
Second Assistant Camera / DIT – Anne Kristine Brosstad
Gaffer – Gianmarco Donaggio
Sound Recorder – Elaine Maltezos
Make up and hair – Lise Erlandsen
Costumes – Foreningen for Levende Historie, Oslo
Props – Huw William Reynolds, Stage Combat Norway, Oslo
Casting – Celine Engebrigtsen, Stella Casting, Oslo,
Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes, Camille Norment, Oslo,
Producer – Knut Åsdam
Executive Producer / Production team – Pikene på Broen
First Assistant Director – Sive Hamilton Helle
Colorist – Mathias Theissen
Sound design – Preben Grieg-Halvorsen
Post producer – Ole-Arild Svendsen
Post productionHocus Focus, Oslo
Thank you to:
Frode Berg, AS Sydvaranger, Kristoffer Johansson, Svein Karisari & Nikolai Johansen, Bjørnevatn Bygg as, KIMEK, Jarfjord Grensestasjon, AS Sundqvist, Petchenga Administration, Roman Khoroshilov, Barents Travel / Irina & Vadim Neganov, Russian Railways Murmansk, Anastasia Smeshnova, Irina Anufrieva, Elena Vigel, Tatyana Shmotikova, Nadezda Khveschuk, Alexander Suprunyuk, Valery Makarevich and the entire generous collective of OOO “Titovka”.

Wednesday 21/02/18


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