Kandinsky Prize Winners ZIP Group Create the Festival’s Meeting Place

The Kandinsky Prize winners for 2017 are the art collective behind the Barents Spektakel 2018 project, KrasnoBAR.


In 2017, the art group ZIP from the southern Russian city of Krasnodar won Russia’s highest prize for contemporary art in the category of project of the year.

One of the most active collectives to emerge from Krasnodar, ZIP group is a multi-faceted think-tank and production house drawing inspiration from its immediate environment, the histories of its local communities, communal living and the creative process, as well as the myriad ways art can infiltrate reality.

– Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

For the Barents Spektakel 2018, art group ZIP and Pikene på Broen will re-occupy the old fire station that has been more or less disused since as long as anyone can remember. The fire station, that is just around the corner from the Kirkenes Town Hall and Russian Consulate, will be activated and transformed into a sports bar like no other. With the *worlds longest foosball table, mood-bracelets on arrival, a secret lounge and a stage named after footballs most egregious symbol (the red card), the bar will host nightly performances by experimental theatre group eredovoe udozhestvo and musical acts Thea & the Wild and Nikelbekk.

Photo by Elena Sineok, juga.ru

*not indepentently verified

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