Concert: Laibach

Surrender yourself to the sound of Laibach.

Like the collective intoxication of a football stadium chant, Laibach’s music and cross-media performance digs deep into the roots of mass-worship. Martial drums, hypnotic and unrelenting vocals along with orchestral grandeur combine to create music that you can think, dance and march to all at the same time.

“From north and south, we come from east and west, breathing as one, living in fame or dying in flames.”

In 1980 Marshal Tito died, the same year in the Red Districts of a Yugoslavian industrial town (now Slovenia) Laibach was born, rising to fame as their country steered itself toward self-destruction. Now, 37 years on, Laibach is the most internationally acclaimed band to have come out of the Communist bloc. Their music has been called everything from industrial, metal, electronic, symphonic, militant, martial and EBM amongst others – but in reality is something completely original, although Laibach denies originality by definition. The group does not define themselves politically either,  although they have constantly analysed politics through their work.


Thursday 22/02/18

350 NOK

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