Snow in June

Nine of Finnmark’s most talented young singers were in 2017 picked out by mentor and pop star Espen Lind and project leader Marit Karlsen through auditions. The vocal group “Snow in June” was born, and at Barents Spektakel the singers, aged 16-19 years old, get their long awaited concert debut!

In cooperation with Murmansk College of Arts and Barents Bird, five brilliant young singers from the Murmansk-area, also hand-picked, will join Snow In June for this concert. Behind them all is a team of highly competent musicians from Scene Finnmark’s rhythmic department! Pop music, old and new, in beautiful contemporary arrangements, are keywords for Snow In June’s exciting concert debut.

Arr: Ung Artist (Scene Finnmark).


Snow In June: Ane Mari Sveinungsen, Anita Holmgren, Benjamin Bye Jensen, Celine Elisabeth Larsen, Emilie Løkke Salomonsen, Signe Ebeltoft, Tara Sylvie Markussen, Tirill Marie Trøften Hagen, Vegard Bjørsmo

Singers from Murmansk: Anastasiia Nikitina, Diana Ulanova, Kristina Ponomarceva, Sofia Hanova, Sofia Makarchuk

Band: Asbjørn Ruud (guitar), Marianne Halmrast (double bass), Aleksander Kostopoulos (percussion)

Sunday 25/02/18

150 NOK

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