See you Later, Alligator! Nikelbekk (NO) // Granny’s Dreams (RU)

See you Later Alligator

Arctic cocktails with live music from the stage at the edge of the swimming pool. We turn down the lights, light up the candles and invite you for chill-out session with Nikelbekk from Kirkenes and The Granny’s Dreams from Murmansk.  For children and adults.

Nikelbekk is the colloquial Norwegian name for the creek that runs from the Russian town of Nikel into the Pasvik river. The band formed in 2017 and plays a range of music with a definite rock focus – finding songs that always bring a good mood.

The Granny’s Dreams is a project driven by young music students from Murmansk. Directed by musician, creator and band leader Roman Gladyshev, the band performs with youthfulness and high-energy.

Spacial design: Taisia Anisimova (Murmansk) and Sunniva Nilssen (Tromsø).

Sunday 25/02/18

100 NOK

tickets at the door

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