Double Concert: Ondt Blod (NO) // My Granny’s Red-Flag Division (RU)

Ondt Blod (NO)

Sør-Varanger’s own fast and loud Ondt Blod return home for the 2018 Barents Spektakel, bringing with them new tracks from the forthcoming album “Natur”.

Recorded in 2017, a hundred years after the first Sami people’s meeting, “Nature” is a Sami cry from the colony and a campaign against ongoing resentment and colonization. “Nature” praises the many sides of the human nature; party and champagne meets poison and devastation while devilish riffs unite with the catchiest choruses in the Nordic region since ABBA. Ondt Blod shows with “Nature” that they are a force that cannot be stopped. Music Norway should batten down the hatches.

With only the debut album “Finnmark” and some EPs behind them, Ondt Blood have had five tracks on NRK P3’s playlists, been nominated for the Norwegian music awards 2016 new comer prize and built a big fan base.


My Granny’s Red-Flag Division (RU)

«My Granny´s Red-Flag Division» is a Moscow based band of eleven people that performs experimental rock with elements of baroque-pop, post-punk, academic minimalism, shoegaze and afro-pop.

The band was created through social networks by the songwriter Ivan Smirnov and front-woman Yana Smirnova. During the first years of their existence, the band laid low, rehearsing in a Russian banya and performing at small festivals in the woods. Getting started as a “little magical orchestra”, the band first performed quirky escapist fairy-tale pop – yet with every new release, the “Division” has been moving further away from this Moomin-doll persona. Now, with the release of their most recent album, the band has developed with an ingenious polyphonic sound and songs that are as bright and sincere as they are anxious.

“They write and sing miraculous, thrilling, irresistible songs about how it is crucially important to keep your inner child – performing them in a way that you can´t help loving”

Friday 23/02/18

350 NOK

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