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  • Borderland Seminar 2018 – Barents Beyond Borders

    UiT –The Arctic University of Norway, The Barents Institute & Department of Tourism & Northern Studies Thon Hotel Kirkenes February 22 2018, 16:30-19:00   Free entrance and refreshments, simultaneous translations Norwegian-Russian / Russian-Norwegian Moderator: Anne Figenschou, adviser at the Barents Institute, UiT –the Arctic University of Norway   16:30-16:35     Welcome, Anne Figenschou, Adviser at the…
  • Artist Talk – Knut Åsdam

    Welcome to the Barents Spektakel artist talks. These informal discussions give you the opportunity to learn more about the artistic practice of the festival artists and ask questions about their work.

  • Guided Tours

    We organise daily tours to the exhibition venues for the public. Tours in Norwegian, English and Russian.

  • Festival Exhibition:
    Knut Åsdam – Murmansk/Kirkenes

    Knut Åsdam’s new film Murmansk/Kirkenes is an experimental, medium length fiction shot on location in the border region between Norway and Russia – a region receiving increasing attention due to ice melting and rich oil and fish resources. Simultaneously, this is an area of great political tension where NATO meets Russia and whose history is closely linked to Europe’s destiny.

  • Festival Exhibition:
    Voldemārs Johansons – Undercurrents

    Premiere of the cinematic installation UNDERCURRENTS: an audiovisual environment inspired by the Arctic landscape unfolding in an ice space echoing the High Arctic.

  • Barents Market

    Russian and Sami market sellers with Sami duodji and Russian craftworks, crystal, ceramics, fur hats, shawls, mittens and socks!

  • Lunch Music

    22. - 23. February Cantor Alla Sukhomlina 24. February Cantor Henning Holm Thursday 22/02/18 Friday 23/02/18 Saturday 24/02/18 13:00 Kirkenes Church free
  • Concert: Laibach

    Like the collective intoxication of a football stadium chant, Laibach’s music and cross-media performance digs deep into the roots of mass-worship. Martial drums, hypnotic and unrelenting vocals along with orchestral grandeur combine to create music that you can think, dance and march to all at the same time.

  • Emily Newman – Ice Station Zebra

    Working with kids from Sør-Varanger and the Nikel Art School, Emily collected first-hand stories and theories that have been combined to create a film that follows story of the project. With photography video and text, Emily’s art-film reflects the kids’ journey to the mysterious weather station on the Arctic ice – Ice Station Zebra!

  • Truth

    With the show Truth Director Bente S. Andersen and the Samovar theatre have been inspired by Harold Pinter’s Nobel speech from 2005.