Opening Concert // A Score for Brass and Ball

Choreographer and former 5th division player Sigurd Johan Heide brings players from Sør-Varanger and Murmansk for a sincere play with formations from both the world of football and traditional dance of the north.

For the choreographer, football is an art of movement, with mythical rituals, mass suggestion, music and a desperate desire to score – in the right goal. Without cheating, spotlights or corruption – an honest game where everyone can compete with everyone and everyone cheers on their favourite team – their own clan. The audience is encouraged to wear their supporter’s scarves, hats and outfits.

The opening concert is an extension of the opening show, where girls’ team from Murmansk and Sør-Varanger perform in a choreographed dance battle. To contribute to the show, Sigurd Johan Heide also invites Bjørnevatn Idrettslag who have just celebrated their 100th anniversary and moved into the 3rd division. As if this is not enough, get set for more surprises to come!

For the opening concert, the Nordic Brass Ensemble, in collaboration with Kirkenes skolemusikkorps, has crafted a new repertoire. NBE plays familiar and unknown songs from all over the world, and together with Kirkenes skolemusikkorps, plays percussion music that transports you to the football tribunes of Rio de Janeiro. There will be a mix of swing and the famous Flight of the Bumblebee performed in collaboration with Russian trumpet soloist, Timur Martynov. In addition, a diverse mix of pieces from The Godfather, Italian entertainment music and Wagner’s music of the 1930’s is served.

With drums, trumpets and other rhythmic instruments combined with choreographed movements, football matches are some of the most popular artistic expressions we have. The opening show A Score for Brass and Ball is all about this! One does not need to like football to enjoy the art of the football world!

Concept and production: Pikene på Broen
Choreography: Sigurd Johan Heide
Football players: Дюсш-10 (Murmansk), Hesseng/Bjørnevatn Jenter 17, Bjørnevatn Jenter 15 (Sør-Varanger), Bjørnevatn idrettslag and others
Music: Nordic Brass Ensemble, in cooperation with Scene Finnmark and Kirkenes skolemusikkorps

Wednesday 21/02/18

375 NOK

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