Transborder Cafe: Hot Seat with Arne Scheie

Do you dare to take part in a Hot Seat next to the NRK veteran Arne Scheie and challenge one of the country’s foremost football connoisseurs in a duel on football facts?

We invite 5-6 football connoisseurs to take part in “football facts” with one of Norway’s foremost football nerds as opponent. Here, all true football lovers can compete against a likeminded football fanatic with years of experience and saved knowledge from the NRK ​​commentary box. Here, you can make good use of everything stored in your mind and heart of vital facts about scores, tables, player purchases, results, years and names of coaches and referees. Who knows the most about football? How much seeming trivial information is one capable of storing in one’s mind, if you have the passion? Hot Seat is a game that shows how much football actually means to many people and how much knowledge (and passion) most people in many countries walk around with daily.

Duel master – Knut Erik Sundquist (Harstad)

Prior to the football duel, we look at the regional football history and current sports success stories, such as the cooperation between the girls’ football teams from Finnmark and Kola peninsula, etc. In cooperation with the Barents Secretariat.

Debate panel:
Roger Finjord, Finnmark Football Association,
Signe Marie Fidje Store, wrestler from Tana who participated in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games,
Evgeny Goman, Murmansk, and others.
Moderator: Martin Lerberg Fossum.

Friday 23/02/18

18:00 - 20:00
150 NOK

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