Do exhibitions, concerts, performances and clubs have a monopoly when it comes to the feel of a festival? Can mass exercises on the town square become a daily arena that will gather our local and visiting festival guests to tone body and mind and prepare them for the festival day ahead.

We have invited the festival artists to lead 20-minute exercise sessions, leaving it up to them to decide on a sweaty workout, relaxing yoga, instructional aerobics or conceptual motions.


Exercise Leader – Morten TRAAVIK
Kirkenes Biomechanical Workshop

In parallel with the modernization and optimism of the 1920’s Soviet Union, the legendary theatre director Vsevolod E. Meyerhold developed a practice that he called “biomechanics”. Based on a series of “etudes” or movement patterns akin to t’ai chi or kata that were inspired by the machine’s efficiency and work rhythm. Biomechanics is both a physical theatre training and an awareness of your own body. Morten Traavik, educated by Meyerhold’s students in Russia, leads this year, as last year, our biomechanical workshop with its own polar touch.


Exercise Leader –
eredovoye udozhestvo

eredovoye udozhestvo group invites us all to establish links with our body and the bodies of others – those we’ve known for a long time and those we are meeting for the first time. We will exercise in pairs and collectively. We will think about our body before the labels of athlete, artist, miner or whatever are applied – our honest physiologies rather than the ideal ‘body model’ that is inscribed to us. We will learn about body awareness and what is with us in the here and now.


Exercise Leader –
FC Dana Karelia

The football supporters from FC Dana Karelia invite us to a session of football and sport-related exercises, both in pairs and as a group. Here you will try out gentleman’s wrestling, mass suggestion, raucous cheering and fast-paced jumping. The exercises will suit all ages and requires no prior knowledge. Exercises are based on real and imagined movements from the world of sports. Welcome!

Thursday 22/02/18 Friday 23/02/18 Saturday 24/02/18


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