Borderland Seminar 2018 – Barents Beyond Borders

UiT –The Arctic University of Norway, The Barents Institute & Department of Tourism & Northern Studies

Thon Hotel Kirkenes

February 22 2018, 16:30-19:00


Free entrance and refreshments, simultaneous translations Norwegian-Russian / Russian-Norwegian

Moderator: Anne Figenschou, adviser at the Barents Institute, UiT –the Arctic University of Norway


16:30-16:35     Welcome, Anne Figenschou, Adviser at the Barents Institute, UiT–the Arctic University of Norway, Kirkenes


16:35 -16:45     Opening of the Border Seminar 2018 by Rune Rafaelsen, Mayor of Sør-Varanger municipality


16:45-17:00     Tomas Hallberg, Head of The International Barents Secretariat

Experiences and perspectives in light of the 25th anniversary of the Barents Cooperation


17:00-17:15     Dr. Shatunovskiy-Byurno, Consulate general of the Russian Federation in Kirkenes

New visa regimes in the Barents Region and beyond: Russian perspectives on local border traffic


17:15-17:30     Break


17:30-17:45     Maria Ilicheva, PhD in History, Associate professor, Murmansk Arctic State University

What are the driving forces of the Barents Cooperation? Reflections on present times and on the past


17:45-18:00     Peter Haugseth, Assistant professor UiT–The Arctic University of Norway, Kirkenes

Bachelor on Northern Studies Program: educational cooperation in the Barents Region, with links eastwards


18:00-18:15     Urban Wråkberg, Professor UiT– The Arctic University of Norway, Kirkenes

The Barents model used in borderland tourism in Central Europe


18:15-18:30     Break


18:30-18:45     Tatiana Egorova, Leader of The Barents Indigenous Peoples’ Office, Murmansk,  and Ida Holm Hansen, Indigenous Peoples adviser, The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Indigenous perspectives –the last 25 years and the 25 years to come


1845:19:00      Sander Goes, PhD, Researcher at the Barents Institute, UiT–the Arctic University of Norway, Kirkenes

Partner, outsider or on the fence: EU’s different roles in the development of the Barents region


19:00-19:15     Questions and discussion

Thursday 22/02/18

16:30 - 19:00

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